Plastic Injection Mold Design Animation “Auto Edge Degating”

This animation shows an auto degated part with an edge gate when it is between slides.


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Plastic Injection Mold Design Animation “Two-Stage Ejection”

Buss Precision Mold Inc. would like to introduce you to our design animation service. Watch the video of a two-stage ejection taking place on a recent mold build.

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2-Stage Ejection Design Animation

NASA Space Shuttle Project

NASA Space Shuttle Project

Buss Precision Mold Inc. provides injection mold for key NASA Space Shuttle component.

Space Shuttle missions couldn’t continue until Buss Precision Mold Inc. provided the customer with an injection mold to make a key Space Shuttle component for the drag chute system. The drag chute is used to help reduce speed after touchdown.

Jonathan Buss President of Buss Precision Mold Inc. holds the 7″ Ø (175mm) molded ring used for sealing the “Chute Sabot” a cartridge which contains the drag chute during the mission until it is deployed upon landing.

The “Unit Die” injection mold was built with critical lead-time path, and produced production ready parts without any adjustment after the T-1 molding process was developed.

The drag chute “sabot seal ring” is deployed on every landing of the Space Shuttle, and is replaced after each use. NASA purchasing and engineering commended both Buss Precision Mold Inc and the molder for the ability to produce a finished part ahead of the expected time frame on the project.

New Sinker EDM

We have just installed a new Mitsubishi Sinker EDM. This machine keeps our EDM department on the forefront of technology and gives us an additional option for reliable after hours machining. In addition to increased speed and accuracy we now have the capability of creating finer EDM finishes. The easier automation reduces our setup time which will shorten your tool build times.

Mitsubishi EA 12V Advance

Mitsubishi EA 12V Advance